Too busy to cook? Let us prepare your fresh and healthy customized meals on a daily or weekly basis according to your busy lifestyle.

Fresh - Healthy - Value

Relax and enjoy yourself with your guests knowing that meal preparation, service and clean up are all taken care of. Our experienced Personal Chefs services include:

• The design of the menu to client specifications

• Obtaining the freshest ingredients for your meal

• Preparation of meals on the day of the event

• Dinner service

• Clean up after the event


Wait staff responsibilities include:

• completely setting up the event space, including tableware, seating arrangements and display decor

• conducting all table service in a timely, pleasant manner

• tear-down and clean-up of the function space

• maintaining poise while providing courteous, professional service


Head Wait staff responsibilities include:

• communicate expectations to the team

• work in a wait or bar capacity

• assist with basic kitchen duties

• work under your direct supervision or that of the Supervisor


Bar staff arrive at events equipped with a corkscrew.

Bar staff responsibilities include:

• completely set up the bar space, including glassware, alcohol and condiments

• inventory alcohol at the beginning and conclusion of each function when required

• close down and clean up the bar area

• maintains poise while providing courteous, professional service


A Supervisor is your direct liaison with the ESS team and is responsible for:

• contacting the client before the event to finalize details

• the setup and layout of the function space

• communicating with and directing the Head Wait and other event staff

• acting as a the onsite liaison between you, the kitchen, the event planner and the venue

• the timing and execution of front-of-house services

• monitoring and submitting start and end times of shifts for billing purposes

• providing feedback to the office after the event


Strong, professional, full-service team of chefs, sous chefs, cooks and support staff provide support services for your culinary requirements.

• All Lead Chefs are Food Handler certified and fully capable to assist you in executing your successful event.

• All staff are groomed (well pressed, chef uniform including a black or white apron, black or white beanie hat).

• Our workers assist your leader and team with the expedition of your food and beverage event

All our team members are smart serve certified, fully insured and covered by WSIB

Event Service Staff Co. is personally committed to helping you make your next event a great one.

We look forward to create a menu that fits your needs. A successful event requires good planning, so please call us as in advance for an consultation.

If required, we will also personally assist you with planning your equipment rentals, and referrals for any other services you may require.

Discounts For Regular Clients

Clients who elect to have regular service with a signed contract will receive pricing discounts.



We will reply to your message within 24 hours.

Once you make a request for staffing, we will work with you to determine the exact staffing needs for your function. Please contact us to discuss any special requirements you may have for your event.

Have a question? Please email us at info@eventservicestaff.com or call us at 416 930 3657

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